Use These 8 Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

Use These 8 Hacks to Make Spring Cleaning a Breeze

You're likely participating in that more cherished -- or dreaded, depending on your perspective -- tradition of spring cleaning. Whether you love it or loath it, here are several common household items that boast powerful cleaning properties.

A pillow case

Don’t you hate cleaning your ceiling fan only to watch all that dust fall to the floor? There’s an easier way. Simply place a pillow case over the blade. Pull it toward you along the blade while the bottom half of the pillow case catches the dust. Then toss it into the washer. Pretty slick.

Coffee filters

Coffee filters are pretty effective at removing dust, fingerprints and smudges, too. Use coffee filters to gently wipe down the TV, computer monitor and other screens.

Dryer sheets

A wet dryer sheet can do wonders on a ceramic stove top. Simply place it over spots with burnt-on gunk, let sit for 15 minutes, then rub.

Water, vinegar and baking soda – a triple threat

Drain cleaners can be hard on pipes. There is a much more natural solution and it works just as well, if not better. Pour boiling hot water down all your drains and follow up with a mix of baking soda and vinegar. Plug each drain and let the water, baking soda and vinegar work their magic for several minutes. Finish the job by pouring more hot water down each drain.

A lemon

The citric acid in lemons has a couple of household cleaning uses. Use half a lemon to rub away hard water stains on faucets and countertops. You can use the other half to clean your microwave. Simply squeeze the juice into half a cup of water. Go ahead and throw the rind in, too. Zap it in microwave for 3 minutes. Wait for 5 minutes to let the citrus-infused steam loosen the grime. Then wipe away clean.


What’s worse than a dirty window? A clean window with streaks. Paper towels leave behind lint and streaks. Newspapers are better. The material is just abrasive enough to give windows a streak-free shine.

Cream of tartar

Restore stainless steel appliances to their former glory with cream of tartar. Simply mix 1tsp of cream of tartar with water until it becomes a creamy paste. The acid in this ingredient, along with its slight abrasiveness, scrubs away grit and smudges with ease, making stainless steel surfaces shine like new.

Leave the rest to the pros

Your spring cleaning isn't truly done until you've cleaned the grout and air ducts. Those jobs are best left to the pros at NOA Services. They have their own unique tools and techniques to make your grout pristine and your air clean. Schedule an appointment today.